I like the Asterix series. But sometimes it just can seem boring when its set in the same location twice, three, four, or sometimes even five times. If you don't know what i mean, i mean the fact that most recent Asterix movies are set either in Gaul or Italy. Personally, i would rather prefer the Asterix movies/comics to be set in some interesting locations. Now im not saying that its ALWAYS set in the same location. This is not true of course. But there are many locations that would be in my opinion perfect for future Asterix comics, such as these below. These are the 10 best locations for future Asterix movies in my opinion:

10# - Ireland - Could be similar to the Picts.

9# - Other parts of Africa - I know there were several Asterix comics being set in North Africa already, but they didn't show it more clearly. Other parts of Africa would most likely be the Sahara desert, maybe the Sahel.

8# - India - Includes modern day Bandgaldesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Does not include Persian India (Pakistan). North was controlled by the powerful Satavahana Empire during the setting of the comic books in 50-47 BC, while the south is controlled by the Dravidian Tamil kingdoms. A nice setting for an Asterix comic book or even movie.

7# - Finno-Ugrica - Part of North Europe and Asia inhabited by the Uralic speaking peoples. Includes Finland, Estonia, and the Sami region of Norway and Sweden. The comic book set here could be called Asterix and Obelix's Uralic Adventure.

6# - Scythia/Sarmatia - Also called Scytho-Sarmatia. Parts of modern day Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan (Sogdia) and West China (Tocharia). Back then Iranian peoples called Scythians and Sarmatians inhabited this land.

5# - Nubia - During the time of Asterix, Nubia was under control of the kingdom of Kush. Part of modern day Sudan and South Egypt. 

4# - Aksum - Also called Ethiopia or Abyssinia. Part of modern day Eritrea and Ethiopia, maybe Djibouti and part of Somalia. Called Aksum because the kingdom controlling Ethiopia back during the  times of Asterix was called Aksum.

3# - Arabia - Modern day Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Sinai peninsula of Egypt. Inner Arabia was inhabited just by some Arabic tribes, but many kingdoms like Nabataea or Himyar existed in Yemen and the red sea coast.

2# - Slavs/Slavic territories - Back during the times of Asterix, the slavs were present only in a small part of Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Czech Republic.

1# - Persia - Probably the best choice for any future Asterix comic book/movie! Back during the Roman era, the Persian Empire ruled parts of modern day Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India and Iraq. Since Persians were enemies of Romans just like Gauls, the Persians could be friendly to the Gauls.

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