Asterix undertakes a lot of travels. In fact, he travels all over the place. The places are kind of not surprising since the cutlure and people are almost predicatable. 

For example, he travels to Rome, France, Belgium, Egypt, and England, among other places. They are cool. If you do notice, those locations are familiar to us. We all know about those cultures in their ins and outs. Thus, the artists seem to be a little dull. In fact, they draw on what we know to create the cariculture. Admittadly, things are a little dull so here are some places that I could see them going to.

10. Persia

9. Aksum

8. Saudi Arabia

7. Indus Valley

6. Eastern Europe

5. China

4. Middle East

3. Maya

2. Native America (North and South America)

1. Science Fiction

Now, in the last one, I would totally like to see them time travel to the modern world and see how they manage to survive. Interestingly, it would be cool to watch and see how it goes. Possibilities are endless.

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