Running around Gaul to win the gastronomic bet they made with Overanxius, Asterix and Obelix have all the Roman garrisons in the country on their tail. But danger can also come from Gaulish lowlifes, who, enticed by the promised reward for the capture of our two indomitable friends, wait in the shadows for a chance to betray them to the local centurion.

Take Unpatriotix, a scoundrel living in the forest near Divodorum (Metz). Exploiting Obelix's insatiable passion for roast boar, he draws the two Gauls to his home. Mission accomplished: he only has to slip off to inform the nearest Roman garrison in order to get the reward. But Unpatriotix makes an error in his calculations that will cost him dearly: when the Romans arrive at his den, they find only one of the two Gauls.

Worse still, the missing Gaul is Obelix, who has left to search for more boars (don't forget how insatiable he is...). Obelix's anger at the height of his treachery leaves Unpatriotix green with fear, and rids him of any further thoughts of treason!

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