Seniorservix is the captain of a ship transporting cargos of menhirs from Armorica. Staying with his crew in the port of Burdigala, he gets to know Asterix and Obelix and gives them precious help by taking them to Gesocribatum (Le Conquet), bringing an end to their glorious tour of Gaul.

There's no doubt that our two heroes enjoyed the journey, in particular Obelix who, from the impromptu delivery of over forty menhirs to an unexpected encounter with his pirate «friends», wasn't short of his kind of fun.

Not forgetting the Roman garrison of Le Conquet, a war port teeming with legionnaries serving as a welcome committee, and also as punching-balls, for our Gauls, stuffed full of magic potion. As for Seniorservix, he's warmly thanked for his decisive role in the Gaul's success by being invited to the feast celebrating the victory of Gergovia in Asterix in Corsica.

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