In the Gaulish village of Linoleum led by Cassius Ceramix, a chief both brutal and idiotic, the most absurd demonstrations of «romanness» are on the agenda!

Even children are not spared from his zealous submission to Julius Caesar's armies: in his classroom, Berlix, a renowned teacher of «modern» languages, teaches them every single Latin declension so as to turn them into perfect little «Gallo-Romans». And judging from the little Prawnsinaspix, who stands with his right arm raised as if responding to the «Ave» issued by the legionary who has just entered the classroom, one might think that Cassius Ceramix's propaganda has had its effect.

Thankfully, Asterix's authors have a secret joke in store for us: Prawnsinaspix doesn't want to salute the Roman, but has raised his arm to ask to leave the room as he's suffering from something a lot more urgent than any Roman ideology!

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