Because other sites have a comprehensive list of Caricatures (such as Asterix around the world) I've decided to be a bit different. Pierre Tchernia. a friend of Goscinny and Uderzo is a caricature that pops up in many books so I decided to focus on him.

Pierre first pops up in Asterix the Legionary as one of Caesar's Generals. Note his appearance : (relatively) good looking, not terribly fat. Almost dashing. It won't last... It appears that in Asterix in Corsica he's been demoted to a Centurion. What happened? Did he displease Caesar or something? As his appearances progress, Pierre gets older and, well, fatter. In Obelix and Co he hits rock bottom, not just any old Legionary but a drunk one at that! So drunk he needs some familiar friends to carry him off ( Goscinny & Uderzo) ! His fourth appearance is in Asterix and Caesar's Gift as a Legionary who has served his 20 years. He is the 2nd from the left. And to think he could have retired a General. You may think that in Asterix in Belgium, he goes slightly up the rankings as a Legionary who fears the Belgians not the Gauls, but his tale gets worse, he actually is beaten up by the Gauls this time! Oh... and his hair is greying! In Asterix and the Actress, Pierre's last cameo to date, Uderzo really honours his friend by representing him as a woman. If that isn't rock bottom in rankings goes I don't know what is. ;)