An angelic little blonde from the Crazy Gaul's Village, young Picanmix helplessly witnesses the Roman capture of Cacofonix in Asterix the Gladiator. Although armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, not something you see every day among our Gauls, young Picanmix, aware of the risk he would run by mounting a solo attack on the Romans without magic potion, darts off to warn Asterix of the Romans' latest misdeed.

After a moment's surprise at the Romans' interest in their bard's talents, the furious Gauls carry out a punitive expedition to the camp of Compendium, before a long journey leads Asterix and Obelix to Rome and its Circus to deliver the bard from the imperial lions' claws.

As for Picanmix, no need to worry about his future as a Gaulish reveller since he was hunting young wild boar when he saw the bard being kidnapped by a Roman patrol - a patrol equipped with parsley in its ears so as to avoid collapsing from the bard's fearsome singing exercises which, according to one of the legionaries, ought to be forbidden by the Helvetia.

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