Old Man of the Mountain
Le vénérable du sommet

Old Man of the Mountain

Unknown (possibly Greek)
Home place
First appearance

The Old Man of the Mountain (French: Le vénérable du sommet) is a character from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. He is voiced by Gérard Hernandez in the French version of the film and Michael Forest in the English version.

Climbing to the top of the Old Man's mountain and answering his riddle correctly is the tenth task Asterix and Obelix have to complete. When they reach the Old Man, he warns them that they will be plunged into the depths of Hell if they answer his riddle incorrectly. He then blindfolds Asterix and asks him to identify which of two piles of laundry has been washed with Olympus, "the gods' detergent." Asterix easily identifies the correct pile, much to the delight of both the Old Man of the Mountain and the Olympian gods themselves.

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