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Iris and Asterix

Iris attempting to hypnotize Asterix

Iris is a character from The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. He is voiced by Henri Virlojeux in the French version of the film and Peter Cullen in the English version.

Iris is an Egyptian magician who can cause his eyes to light up and hypnotize people, making them believe that they are animals. Looking into his eyes is the fifth task Asterix and Obelix have to complete, and they watch him hypnotize two clients into believing that they are a cat and a bird before seeing Iris themselves. Iris attempts to hypnotize Asterix into believing that he is a wild boar, but Asterix keeps breaking his concentration by asking questions and making observations. Finally, Iris becomes annoyed and tells Asterix "Repeat after me: I am a wild boar, I am a wild boar." Asterix says "You are a wild boar, you are a wild boar," hypnotizing Iris and causing him to snort and scamper away.

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