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BEST of KINDER SURPRISE EGGS 2012 FULL COLLECTION TOYS REVIEW - Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia / Asterix und Obelix: Im Auftrag Ihrer Majestät / Asterix et Obelix: Au service de Sa Majesté (TR110 - TR117)

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0:15 / ASTERIX / TR110 Born in 85 BC, Asterix is a tiny but fearless and cunning warrior, ever eager for new adventures. He lives in the year 50 BC in a Gaulish village located in northwest Armorica. Asterix is one of the smartest and most sensible members of the village, and so he is usually chosen for any dangerous, important or exotic mission. Unlike most of the other villagers, he does not start or join brawls for the fun of it, although he does enjoy a good fight when there's cause. He rarely resorts to weapons, preferring to rely on his wits, and when necessary, his (magic potion enhanced) fists — though he carries his sword with him wherever he goes, he is shown to be only an average swordsman. What he does for a living is never truly known, though he is often shown running errands or out shopping and hunting.

0:43 / OBELIX / TR111 Obelix I (French: Obélix) works as a menhir sculptor and deliveryman, and is Asterix's best friend. Obelix is noted for his obesity, the menhirs he carries around on his back and his superhuman strength. He is the only Gaul in Asterix' village who is always strong since he fell into the cauldron with magic potion when he was a small boy. Because of Obelix' already enormous strength, he is not allowed to drink the magic potion ever again, much to his chagrin. Other characteristics are his simple-mindedness, his love and care for his dog Dogmatix, his anger when someone refers to him as being "fat", his enthusiasm for hunting and eating wild boars and beating up Romans. His catch phrase is: "These Romans are crazy", although usually, he considers other nationalities just as strange.

1:10 / TEEFAX / TR112 The Brite Teefax is the inhabitant of a small village in Cantium in Britain. Asterix is Teefax cousin, and because Asterix's village has long successfully resisted to the Romans, Teefax travels to Gaul to bring the magical potion.

1:38 / GOUDURIX / GRAUTVORNIX / TR113 Goudurix is a young nephew of Abraracourcix, a sword-chaser of Mediolanum (Milan), and a great lover of the energetic music of the catacombs of Lutece. Goudurix was sent by his father to the Village of the Irreducible to become a true Gaulish warrior.

2:05 / JULIUS CAESAR / TR114 Julius Caesar was a Roman politician, general, and notable author of Latin prose. He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. The creators of Asterix have made Julius Caesar an exceptional character, taking care not to caricatures this historical notable whose “Comments on the Gallic War” has been a major source of inspiration for them. Caesar symbolizes our irreverence of imperialism. The more Caesar shows his strength and intelligence, the more Asterix and Obelix grow up by resisting him.

2:32 / OLAF MAULAF / TR115 Olaf Maulaf is the chief of the Norman warriors. As an ambitious leader, he wants to get to know everything!

2:59 / HIPPHIPPHURRAX / TR116 His name, which symbolizes the enthusiasm of his followers, represents the interest that sports enthusiasts bring to their team or a special player. He is the rugby player of Camulodunum, who drinks after a breach of the barrel with a magic pot, bringing his team on the winner's road.

3:26 / OPHELIA / TR117 The fiancée of Teefax.

WHAT IS KINDER SURPRISE ? Kinder Surprise, also known as a Kinder Egg or, in the original Italian, Kinder Sorpresa (Kinder is the German word for "children", sorpresa is Italian for "surprise"), is a candy manufactured by Italian company Ferrero and invented by William Salice (1933–2016). Originally intended for children, it is also popular with adult collectors and has the form of a chocolate egg containing a small toy, usually requiring assembly.

WHAT ARE INSIDE KINDER EGGS ? Each Kinder Surprise egg consists of a chocolate shell, a plastic container, the contents of said container, and an external foil wrap. The chocolate shell is shaped like a chicken's egg. It consists of two layers: a milk chocolate layer on the outside, and a white chocolate layer on the inside. During the egg's production, before the halves are fused together, the plastic capsule containing the toy is placed inside (TR 110 TR 111 TR 112 TR 113 TR 114 TR 115 TR 116 TR 117).

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