New to the region, Courtingdisastus is full of hope. Eaten up with ambition, he is only one from his garrison to volunteer to serve in Corsica and seems willing to take on each of the local clans all by himself.

He soon attracts the attention of the Praetor Perfidius, who promotes him to the rank of patrol leader and sends him and his troops to search for the Corsican rebel leader Boneywasawarriorwayayix.

It is in Boneywasawarriorwayayix’s home town that Courtingdisastus has the fright of his life. Carferrix, who does not “like people speaking to [his] sister” Chipolata, stares suspiciously at him before finally pulling out his knife, screaming....

Terrified, Courtingdisastus heads to the hills, never to be heard from again....

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