Caius Fatuous

Caius Fatuous

Caius Fatuous
, the most important lanista (gladiator trainer) in all of Rome, is more than a little pig-headed. When he decides to make Asterix and Obelix the stars of the Games he is preparing for Caesar's circus, he sets the entire city after them and motivates the would-be kidnappers by promising an absolutely exorbitant reward.

But our heroes hardly even notice all the commotion surrounding them and the Roman helmets start piling up in Obelix's arms without his even batting an eyelid. Fortunately for Caius Fatuous, Asterix and Obelix decide for themselves to become gladiators in order to save Cacofonix. Envisioning a magnificent show, Caius Fatuous finally hands our two heroes over to the rough-riding gladiator trainer Insalubrius.

This is, however, only the beginning of Caius Fatuous' problems as these unusual new gladiators transform the cruel Roman Circus into a burlesque vaudeville resembling our more modern circuses, and leave Caius Fatuous, that lover of fine, exotic foods, to finish his career as the sole rower of Ekonomikrisis' galley, with his only encouragement being the inspired singing of Cacofonix! Sic transit gloria mundi…

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