Cacofonix - Zonked (The Menhir Mix)

Cacofonix - Zonked (The Menhir Mix)


Cacofonix sing zonked

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Cacofonix is known to sing or play right

will in the big fight he play song call

zonked and  it good to listen too.

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Like a rolling crash of thunder,

he was laid out by a boulder,

now he's stoned and can't remember

who are his friends and he's seeing stars

what do? what do? all we do what? x2

Stone Cold... Crazy!

His brain been hit too hard!

( instrumental )

confution in his mind

he's goofy all the time!

( Instrumental )

he is out

blacked out completly 


on the head was he ( was he! )

he is out!

blacked out completly

zonked whooooooa sonked out!