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The only thing that Gauls really, truly fear is that the sky might fall on their heads - and it looks as if just that is about to happen. A terrible thunderstorm is battering the village. To make matters worse, the druid Getafix, who might be able to help them, has been knocked unconscious. For safety's sake, the Gauls decide to leave the village immediately. Only Asterix and, after some hesitation, Obelix remain behind, When the legionnaires see the empty village they enter it in triumph. So pleased they immediately inform Julius Caesar that finally! - All of Gaul has been conquered! Asterix and Obelix take in the sad scene from a safe distance. Suddenly Getafix's eye light up, he must be gaining consciousness - thank the gods, help at last.

With the Voices ofEdit

  • Asterix - Henry Winkler
  • Obelix - Rosey Grier
  • Bossa Nova - Ed Gilbert
  • Chief Bombastix - Greg Burson
  • Vitamix - Danny Mann
  • Bonnemine - Lucille Bliss
  • Prolix - Bill Martin
  • Mrs. Geriatrix - Mona Marshall
  • Narrator - Tony Jay

Additional VoicesEdit

  • Lewis Arquette
  • Sherry Lynn
  • Gregory Snegoff


  • Fulliautomatix - Eddie Frierson
  • Roman Guard #2 - Kerrigan Mahan
  • Arcedo - Dave Mallow
  • Roman Guard #1 - Doug Stone

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